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About Us

With a passion for fashion, Hiba Alshami, a Dubai-born engineer , founded Turban De Moda to create a platform for the Chic and Modern style woman. We sought to design and produce only the highest quality Turbans and Misk perfume for women in the USA.

Our hope is to bring you the fashion forward styles and latest Misk scents from the UAE right to your door - you will feel like you shopped in the UAE right from the comfort of your own home.

Our turbans and Misk perfume are not only for modest wear.

They are designed to suit every modern lady’s style! Every color, every scent tailored to your womans' mutlifaceted uniqueness! Founded in the UAE with the unique luxury fabrics and quality (handpicked) Misk from all over the world, Turban De Moda strives to offer you a luxury online shopping experience with a glamorous collection of elegant designs, high quality Misk that are also effortless for the busy modern woman.

We are only just beginning! We plan on expanding the collection to encompass much more to give you the instant, UAE-inspired glamour that every woman deserves!